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Heath Crawford Mortgages can also offer ongoing support for additional products to provide security against your investments should you need it.

Whatever you need, give us a call to discuss your options all of our advice is completely free and impartial and we can help you with:

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Life assurance is designed to pay out in the event of the death or earlier critical illness of the person insured.

Its principal purpose it to mitigate a financial loss, either ensuring a mortgage or loan can be repaid or ensuring the remaining family members have adequate money to live on.

Whether it be reviewing an existing policy or setting up a new policy our Specialist Protection Department again has access to the whole of market being able to offer the most suitable and cost effective protection policies bespoke for your needs.

We offer all types of protection polices including but not limited to Mortgage Related and Business Related Polices.


Planning for retirement can be off-putting due to the perceived complexity.

There are a number of different types of pension plans and investment contracts and many factors that can make it difficult to decide on the level of contributions you should make and an appropriate selection of funds, irrespective of your age or existing arrangements, we can provide comprehensive advice and support.