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In addition to regular first time buyer and remortgage services, Heath Crawford Mortgages can also offer the following more specialist services.

Whatever your need, give us a call to discuss your options all our advice is completely free and impartial and we can help you with:

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If you are buying your first home, moving to another property or remortgaging onto a new rate to save money, we can help you find the right mortgage. With so many different mortgages and a variety of rates and fees, it can be difficult to select the right product for you. We have access to the entire mortgage market including exclusive rates, whether you are a first-time buyer, remortgaging or self-employed.

We aim to work with you not just now but throughout the term of your mortgage ensuring that you are always planning ahead of time in order to benefit from the best rates at all times.


The 55+ Mortgage is a standard residential mortgage, but designed specifically for older borrowers.

You have to pay the interest charged on the 55+ Mortgage each month until the end of the term.  Unlike a lifetime mortgage, where the loan lasts for the rest of your life, you can select the term over which you want the 55+ Mortgage to last.

This allows you to match the term of the loan to your future plans. However, you must be in a position to repay the loan at the end of the term by exercising your repayment strategy. Transferring to a Lifetime Mortgage is a possible option available,  We have access to the whole of the market and can offer the best possible advice in this specialist area


Whether you’re thinking about investing in rental property for the first time, looking to expand your existing portfolio with the purchase or refinance of a buy-to-let or looking to refinance your current residential property to enable you to keep your existing property and use the equity to help purchase your new home then we’re here to help.


With a Lifetime mortgage you will continue to own your home completely and are given a loan based on your age and the value of the property.

You can pay the interest charged monthly or have the interest rolled up into the loan amount – this means there would be no monthly payments. Considering equity release is a big step and a decision should not be made without understanding all the advantages and disadvantages, we can help you understand these.


There are many advantages of bridging loans when compared to other types of finance.

When finance is only required for a short period of time, they often provide the cheapest option for raising the required funds.

In addition they are fast to arrange, have flexible lending criteria so that approvals can be given quickly without extensive checks.

However there are many lenders, all of whom offer different interest rates, calculate their interest in different ways and have different fee scales.

As independent brokers we will always provide the finance facility that offers the best possible deal.


Second charge mortgages can offer an alternative to a remortgage or other types of unsecured loan.

They are often taken out to re-organise personal finances, and can allow you to consolidate existing debt into easy to manage monthly payments.

We have access to the whole of the market place and will work with you to find the most cost effective loan for your needs.


Drawing on our experience in commercial broking we are able to arrange some of the best deals on the market and have access to exclusive products.

Through relationships we have developed arranging previous commercial mortgage facilities, we are able to negotiate bespoke terms and broker complex deals with banks to help you obtain the very best deals on the market tailored to your needs.