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Around 15% of people die before retirement and in today’s uncertain world of business it’s important to make sure you have a safeguarded and secure business plan. The death of a shareholder could put the future stability and harmony of a business in jeopardy.

Ultimately, shareholder protection insurance is there to make the after-effects of a shareholder’s death worry-free. It involves writing up legal arrangements that set out how shares are to be managed if a stakeholder passes away. Specifically taken out by company shareholders, shareholder protection insurance is a form of life insurance policy which is designed to protect both the company and the shareholder’s family or dependants.


In simple terms, keyman insurance takes care of the cost of replacing the salary of a key team member if they can’t do their job due to death, illness or injury. The policy could cover their salary costs if they are ill and therefore unable to work, or cover the cost of a temporary member of staff. The insurance will also cover paying a lump sum to the family in event of death.


Company directors love relevant life plans. Why? You save money! A relevant life insurance policy is taken out by a business to provide life insurance cover for an individual employee. It’s an alternative means for an employer to provide death-in-service benefits to their employees outside a company life insurance scheme.

Relevant life insurance policy is that it is paid for by your business. The premiums are tax deductible as a trading expense and are not seen as a P11D benefit. There is also no national insurance hassle and the benefit paid is not registered with HMRC, therefore it does not form part of your pensions allowance.